Don’t Forget Us…Pet Us!

Is a 501c3 Farm Animal Sanctuary nestled in North Dartmouth, Ma.  Don’t Forget Us commits themselves to giving unwanted, abused, neglected and many special needs farm animals a second chance!  The opportunity to live their lives and show the world their worth! 

They bring inspiration as they share their journeys of strength, resilience, forgiveness of past injustices and move forward with so much love in their hearts and new energy and light that shines on us all!!!! 

With over 50 animals at the sanctuary we need your help in providing Lifetime  Care AND  to be able to to identify and help new animals in need. Please consider a one time donation or small (even just $1.00) re accuring monthly donation.

Deb and Jill have for many years and continue to have to fund much of the sanctuary costs themselves. Feed  in itself averages  $2,000 monthly. Not too mention veterinary care, farrier/dental care, barn repairs, supplies, daily Cushing’s med, bedding and so much more!!!

The animals need your support!

For more information and updates on our animals visit our Facebook page!


Contact Us

Phone: (508)-965-3226

Email: dontforgetuspetus@aol.com

Mailing Address:P.O. Box 79124

North Dartmouth, Ma 02747

A non profit corporation.